Excitement is bubbling this week at Mountain Trike HQ as entrepreneur Tim Morgan is making his debut TV appearance with his all terrain wheelchair invention on the Dragons’ Den.

To find out what happens tune in Sunday, 8th September 2013, 8pm, BBC2.


Mountain_TrikeThe Mountain Trike is an all-terrain manual wheelchair which has been designed using a masterful blend of unique innovation and drive system with high specification mountain bike technology.  It provides wheelchair users with far greater freedom and independence than ever before to travel off the beaten track.  No other manual wheelchair on the market provides comparable high level of manoeuvrability and uneven surface performance, practicality and comfort.  Despite deep mud and wet ground the unique drive and steering system means your hands stay clean and dry.


The Mountain Trike Company currently distributes and sells direct to customers from their UK business.  All Trikes are custom built and come with a 3 year warranty, choice of frame colour, adjustable frame, footrest and seat.


The Mountain Trike purchase price is £3995 (approximately $6200 calculated at date of purchase plus any additional charges for customs and import duties plus shipping fees confirmation given at time of purchase). An accessory range has also been developed and can be purchased at an additional cost.   To find out more about the Mountain Trike email info@mountaintrike.co.uk

To see a video demonstration of Mountain Trike please visit: http://bit.ly/W9qKKN


Twitter: @mountaintrike

Facebook: facebook/mountaintrike