Charity Wouldn’t Change A Thing, who campaign to create a more inclusive world for people who live with Down’s syndrome, have celebrated Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month with the release of their very first single in collaboration with hip hop collective the Bitterati.

Named for the charity, Wouldn’t Change A Thing tackles the unnecessary feelings of discomfort and awkwardness that non-disabled people may face when they meet someone who lives with a disability, while simultaneously celebrating the love and positivity that people have for members of their family who live with Down’s syndrome. The track was written, performed and produced by Simon Frankland, whose daughter Neive lives with Down’s syndrome. He said: “I was so honoured to be given the opportunity to produce a song that would deliver a clear message about diversity within our community and specifically people [living] with disabilities.

“The title ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ is exactly how I feel about my daughter Neive.

“My friends and colleagues in the music industry know how much this means to me and my wife Clare, they all have pulled out the stops to be involved and produce what I believe is a groundbreaking, fresh and contemporary song, that we are very proud of and I am confident it will be a success.”

The song has been released to complement the charity’s #OurTruth campaign, which details exactly why those included “wouldn’t change a thing” about their lives or the people in it. It encourages both people who live with Down’s syndrome and their loved ones to share their photos, thoughts and memories.

Project manager Lisa Carr said: “Every campaign that #WCAT tackles is so important to me because I really do want to tell the world that I wouldn’t change a thing about my son Luke. #WCAT from the word go has represented our children in a wonderfully enlightening way. This particular campaign I feel is important because I would like the world to know why we ‘wouldn’t change a thing’. I think those who view the campaign are in for a treat. The whole campaign is just beautiful.”

The charity previously made headlines in 2018 with their Carpool Karaoke-style viral video, where 50 mums, dads, and children lip-synced along to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Miles whilst signing the lyrics in Makaton.

Listen to Wouldn’t Change A Thing on all major streaming platforms – Spotify, iTunes and Amazon MusicYouTube, or download it from the charity’s website.

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Image courtesy of Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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