#AD A life-changing shower toilet solution from Geberit has given Wilma Morrison from Fife the ability to easily clean herself without pain from arthritis, reducing reliance on carers to give back her independence and sense of dignity

Wilma’s Story
Wilma Morrison suffers from bowel issues, as well as arthritis in her shoulders and tennis elbow. Due to this condition, she found it increasingly painful to clean herself properly as she could not reach behind without causing additional pain in her shoulders.

This had a knock-on effect. With the continuous pain in Wilma’s shoulders limiting other aspects of her life, she frequently had to rely on the help of a carer. Wilma herself, who is in her 60s, cares for her adult son, who has special needs, placing additional pressure on her day-to-day living needs.

An occupational therapist from Fife Council recognised that Wilma required a solution to help her better manage her personal hygiene in a pain-free way and, in turn, give her more independence.

The Solution
Fife Council overhauled the existing upstairs bathroom in Wilma’s council property, fitting a full wet floor shower in place of the bath and enlisting experiencing contractors Benarty Contracts to install a Geberit AquaClean Mera Care toilet.

Developed for independent living, the AquaClean Mera Care shower toilet offers Wilma the ideal solution. This innovative toilet features an oscillating spray arm that cleans at the touch of a button with a jet of warm water and a warm air dryer offering Wilma a hygienic and comfortable solution. This self-cleaning solution means that Wilma no longer needs to painfully twist her shoulders around to clean herself properly, helping limit shoulder pain and improve her standard of living.


Geberit AquaClean Mera Care
In addition to an oscillating spray and warm air dryer, the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care toilet boasts a host of additional features to aid personal hygiene and improve ease of use, including an automatic flush function via user detection, remote control, programmable user profiles for multiple users and a continuous flow heater for constant warm water.

Geberit has taken every ounce of its 150 years of experience in helping to understand the wants and needs of its customers and put that into creating a product that can make a guaranteed difference to the way customers live day in day out.

Find out more at geberit.co.uk.

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