• motivation-report-logoInternational disability charity Motivation publishes latest Impact Report in its 25th year
  • Motivation’s work helps to reach over 80,000 people across more than 60 countries last year
  • Motivation collaborates with Google.org to explore how 3D printing can revolutionise mobility solutions for disabled people living in developing countries
  • Charity successfully lobbies Kenyan government to adopt the WHO Guidelines for wheelchair provision and include Motivation products in its wheelchair provision
  • A report by DfID finds Motivation project to have ‘transformative’ and ‘life changing’ outcomes on the lives of disabled people in Uganda

Bristol-based disability charity, Motivation, marks its 25th anniversary by publishing a new Impact Report, summarising its global influence and last year’s work, which helped to impact on the lives of 80,000 people, across more than 60 countries.

Published in Motivation’s 25th year, this Impact Report showcases the diverse nature of the charity’s holistic approach to providing mobility solutions and ensuring that disabled people are fully included in all aspects of life.

The overarching theme of ‘What If’ aims to highlight the fact that over the last quarter century, Motivation has continued to question the status quo in order to seek better solutions for disabled people living in the world’s poorest countries.

David Constantine MBE, Motivation’s President and Co-Founder, is himself a wheelchair user. David explains:

“We’ve asked lots of questions over the years – what if mobility wasn’t an issue? What if education and employment were inclusive? What if more countries provided the right wheelchair in the right way? Following my own accident, I have been lucky enough to live a full and active life but I often think, ‘what if’ my accident had happened somewhere like Malawi or Bangladesh, where 25 years ago there was little no support for people with spinal cord injuries. I probably would not be here today.”

The report introduces Motivation’s new and ambitious two year collaboration with Google.org, which will enable the charity to explore how 3D printing can be employed to create customised postural support devices which are adapted and fitted to the unique needs of the wheelchair user.

In 2008, Motivation worked alongside the World Health Organization (WHO) to publish the ‘Guidelines on the provision of Manual Wheelchairs in less resourced settings’. Aimed at improving standards across the sector, these Guidelines ensure that people don’t just get any wheelchair, but they get the right wheelchair, in the right way. Last year, the charity successfully lobbied the Kenyan government to adopt these guidelines alongside Motivation’s products into their future wheelchair provision. Ensuring people are fitted with an appropriate wheelchair through WHO trained wheelchair services is not only essential for mobility, health and well-being but also maximises the independence of wheelchair users.

The impact of the charity has also been recognised by the UK Government. A recent independent report conducted by the Department of International Development found that a Motivation project in Uganda, which ended last year, had been both ‘hugely appropriate’ and ‘transformative’ with ‘life changing’ outcomes that had resulted in ‘permanent’ changes in the lives of the disabled children and the families supported.

Motivation believes that in order to continue making a positive impact, they must carry on collaborating, sharing best practice and encouraging others to think differently. This Impact Report provides a valuable insight into a forward-thinking organisation that’s making great strides to realising its ultimate goal – a world where disabled people can fully participate in all aspects of life. However, with 70 million people in need of a wheelchair worldwide – they know full well that their work has only just begun.

To get the full picture, you can download a copy of Motivation’s Impact Report by visiting www.motivation.org.uk/blog/impact-report or call them on 01275 464012 and they will send you a copy in the post.