Staff from Bardford Council's visual impairment team celebrate the award of their quality mark

Staff from Bardford Council’s visual impairment team celebrate the award of their quality mark

Bradford Council’s visual impairment team, which is part of the sensory service, has been awarded a quality mark for the work they do in supporting children and young people with visual impairment across the Bradford District.

The award is made by regional heads of visual impairment services across the Yorkshire and Humber. It follows a lengthy assessment process which included self evaluation and a full day assessment by four external assessors.

The assessment for quality standards covered the whole range of the work the team does including early years, school years, beyond school, assessment, leadership and management and outreach and support.

There are 39 visual impairment staff working across the District. Pupils with the severest vision loss attend Grove House Primary and Hanson Academy which have additionally resourced centres (ARCs) at primary and secondary level. The team currently works with 215 children on the active caseload. The team also supports children and young people whose vision is less severely affected, and works closely with a range of external agencies, and with parents.

The Quality Mark assessment team concluded in their report that: 

“This team is very highly regarded by staff, parents and children and young people across settings in the authority. The way they work so effectively with these settings clearly contributes to successful outcomes for children and young people with visual impairment.”

Anne Lomas, Head of Sensory Service, said:

“This has been a real team effort and has involved the hard work of everyone involved in the service and at the schools. We’re thrilled to have been recognised by our peers for the work we do.”