National disability charity, Sense, has responded to the Queen’s Speech, in which the Government pledged to tackle disability discrimination and improve social care services.

Richard Kramer, Deputy CEO of National Disability Charity, Sense, said:

“Sadly, disabled people face many barriers to opportunity, which is why we were pleased to hear the Government making a firm commitment to tackle discrimination as part of today’s Queen’s Speech.

“The disability employment gap is still at an unacceptable level, recent changes and cuts to welfare benefits have pushed many disabled people into poverty and the ongoing social care crisis has left many fearful that they will not be able to access the services they rely on day-to-day.

“Quality social care enables people to remain active members of their communities and supports disabled people to achieve their aspirations. If social care is not protected, the Government’s ambition for a fairer society will fall flat. We hope that the uncertainty in the sector will be addressed by the plans promised today, which will set out how the Government intends to improve these vital services.

“The issues facing social care are complex. There is a clear need for a long-term strategy to ensure we do not face this level of crisis again. We believe it’s necessary for the Government to ensure that social care is financially sustainable, can meet growing demand, works in partnership with the NHS and offers a person-centred approach that allows it to provide quality support for the wide range of people who need to access these services.

“It is vital that the upcoming green paper on social care does not just look at older people, but also focuses on disabled people of working age, who also rely heavily on the social care sector for their independence and their quality of life. We look forward to working with the Government on its plans to improve social case and make society fairer for disabled people.”

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