When children have outgrown nappies but aren’t yet ready to toilet train, parents are often confused as to what the next step should be. The main thing to do is to remain positive, knowing that with the correct strategy and a calm, consistent approach, many children, including those with disabilities will be able to toilet train, even if they are unable to reach full independence. Every child is unique, however, an assessment of a child’s ability to toilet train is recommended to be completed by their second birthday, or as soon as there is an indication that the child may have additional needs (Davina Richardson, Paediatric Continence Specialist).

If a child is not ready to toilet train but does still require a nappy-style containment product, then the Abri Form Junior could be a great option. The Abri-Form Junior was the first product on the market to bridge the gap between the largest nappy for children and the smallest adult continence product; a smaller leg cut and a better fit is achieved with the narrower core without compromising the absorbency.

Abena pride themselves in being able to provide an individualised approach to continence care, with products to suit all sizes, ages and needs. Abri Form Junior has all of the premium features that you would expect from an Abena product; a fully breathable textile-back sheet ensures superior comfort and promoting skin integrity.

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