Paralympian, motivational speaker, and self-described Halloween enthusiast Josh Sundquist has once again put us all to shame with his creativity and talent with hot glue after showcasing his Halloween costume for this year.

The YouTuber and author has previously gained attention and more than a few laughs for his incredible costumes, which take advantage of his status as an above-knee amputee. Josh began committing hard to Halloween in 2010 after dressing as the gingerbread man from Shrek. Two years later, a photo of him dressed as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story went viral on Reddit, and he decided to keep one-upping himself every year from then on.

Previous (amazing) costumes from Josh have included the Genie from Aladin, a flamingo, a table football figure, and a sign for American restaurant chain International House of Pancakes – aka IHOP.


This year, Josh has donned yet another elaborate costume, this time playing the part of the famous Pixar lamp that so many of us have seen before movies like Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Not only is the costume amazing – it features a working light! – but Josh did a significantly better job than this guy.

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Image: Jason Pratt/Flickr

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