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By Katie Campbell

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Goth Christmas. Get your white foundation and old bedsheets out, and get ready to dish out the treats to your local spooks and spectres.

1. Pumpkin String Lights

Halloween themed pumpkin Chinese lanterns on a string

Let the neighbours know you’re game for a creepy time with these adorable Halloween lights, featuring cute pumpkins and creepy spiders. Hang them in the living room to bring the spirit of the season (and hopefully a few other spirits) into your humble abode, or string them above the door so the neighbourhood knows you’re a willing and happy participant in seasonal festivities. | £12.99

2. Giant Box of Crafts

A large box in halloween colours with a clear front, filled with glitter, glue and craft essentials

Get the scissors out, load up the glue gun and get yourself some orange and black glitter, because it’s time to get decorative. With this massive box of crafty goodness, you can decorate your mobility scooter, crutches, wheelchair or anything else with some spooky arts and crafts. There truly is nothing that can’t be made from pipe cleaners and googly eyes. | £5

3. Ben Nye Professional Fake Blood

A small squeezy bottle containing very deep red fake blood

Yes, you could make fake blood, but do you really want to do that when you could just as easily go with the makeup artist’s favourite, Ben Nye? Available in a zesty mint flavour so your mouth can feel clean as a whistle while haemorrhaging like it’s going out of fashion, Ben Nye’s fake blood comes in a variety of forms – arterial, aged, venous and so on – so you can not only be spooky but technically accurate. | From £3.99

4. NYX SFX Crème Colour

A black circular pot containing matte white cream make-up.

Make-up is the foundation of many amazing Halloween costumes, so if you’re dressing up as the Hulk, a vampire, Frankenstein, Tin Man or Donald Trump, you’re going to need to paint your face. NYX’s crème body and face paint comes in 12 colours, meaning you can mix them together to suit your needs. Colours can be easily blended too – just remember to set it with powder to keep it fresh all night long! | £11

5. Spike Studs

Three silver spikes. The centre one is propped up by its backing and sits higher than the other two.

Another one for the craftier amongst us, because we all know going as a punk for Halloween is some of the most fun you can have. Once you’ve gelled your hair up into spikes and sprayed the ends bright red, you can complete your “Mik Scarlet from 1984” costume with a few well-placed metal spikes on black clothes. If you have any leftover, put them on the handles of your wheelchair to stop strangers grabbing them. So useful! | From £6.99

6. Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

A Halloween bath bomb from Lush. It has a large beady eye and two tiny blue ears on its pink marbled body.

If your plan for Halloween is to stay in and chill, why not run a bath and fire this cheeky monster in? Returning for Lush’s 2019 Halloween range is Monsters’ Ball, a funny little bath bomb with a classic Lush scent that combines neroli and lime oil for a zesty but relaxing experience. Enjoy the sweet citrus scent and the colourful pink and blue hues in the water with this bomb product. | £5.50

7. Haunted Hayride Yankee Candle

Top notes of charcoal, black pepper and orange zest give way to the lingering scent of patchouli and smoked amber in this beautiful seasonal Yankee Candle. With over 100 hours of burn time, you can light the way for any ghouls and goblins seeking to darken your doorstep on a dark and stormy Halloween night. | £23.99

8. Halloween Cake Pop Kit

Six orange cake pops in a tub full of sanding sugar. Each of them are decorated with a different carved pumpkin face for Halloween.

If you’re in the market for some messy fun on Halloween, look no further than this cake pop kit, which contains everything you need to make 12 adorable chocolate pumpkins. The kit is perfect for anyone who loves to bake, and the outcome is both cute and delicious. Trick or treaters will be lining up at the door for a cake pop, so be prepared to start a second batch!

By The Baking Tree on | £17.99

9. “Hello I Have Autism” Bag

A tote bag to take trick or treating on Halloween. The text on the bag reads "Hello. I have autism! I cant say trick or treat, but Im trying!"

For kids who live with autism, trick or treating can be a struggle, and it can get tiresome trying to explain to neighbours and other guisers why they’re having a difficult time. This cute little tote explains everything straight away, and also makes for an amazing place to stash all the mini sweeties and monkey nuts that your little ghoul or goblin will get on their Halloween adventures.

By ThePerfectTouchGifts on | From £12.70

10. Sugar-Free Chupa Chups

A silver packet containing 10 sugar free lollypops.

No trick or treaters want to be given a healthy snack, but some kids – especially those who have diabetes or food intolerances – struggle when it comes to guising at Halloween. No-one wants to feel left out, so why not include some fun alternatives in your cauldron of treats? These Chupa Chups lollies are vegetarian, vegan and contain no added sugar, so they’re ideal for those of us who have dietary requirements. | £4.99

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Edit 28/10/19: A previous version of this article included a link to a product which was no longer available. The list has been changed to reflect this.