Wheelchair LiberatorRGL Innovations have announced the launch of a revolutionary piece of mobility equipment; the Wheelchair Liberator, across the UK and Europe. This cutting edge new product, designed with the assistance of the National Health and Safety Laboratory, is set to provide wheelchair users and their carers with a huge improvement in day to day access, and also give them the ability to access a variety of terrain, previously thought to be too challenging or even inaccessible.

Designed to easily attach to the handles of a manual wheelchair, the Wheelchair Liberator is a revolutionary piece of equipment that enables wheelchair users to be taken up and down steps, across gravel, cobbles and rough terrain, smoothly and easily.

Creator of the Wheelchair Liberator, Malcolm Rhodes, commented: “The challenges of pushing my daughter’s wheelchair became the start of many months of research on how to make the lives of wheelchair users and their carers easier. I am thrilled that with the launch of the Wheelchair Liberator the lives of many wheelchair users, including my daughter’s, will now be transformed and previously inaccessible areas for wheelchair users will now be a walk in the park.”

Created not only to provide far greater access to a wide variety of terrain, the ergonomic design of the Wheelchair Liberator also greatly reduces the stress on the back, wrists and shoulders of the wheelchair pusher making everyday tasks, and even adventurous days out, much more comfortable, and safer, for all.

Wheelchair Liberator Bag & EquipmentDebbie who helps care for Malcolm’s daughter Michela, commented: “Both Michela and I think the Wheelchair Liberator is brilliant; we keep it attached to her wheelchair at all times and it enables us to visit many places we simply couldn’t access previously such as park and gardens, where gravel paths and steps were a barrier.”

Ahead of its launch the Wheelchair Liberator has already received significant interested when it was showcased at REHACARE in Dusseldorf and at the UK Trade Days exhibition.

To see what a difference the Wheelchair Liberator can make please view the video at www.wheelchair-liberator.com