• Brightly Coloured Controller
  • Oversized Illuminated Buttons
  • 2 Favourite Channel Buttons
  • Larger buttons for Volume & Channels
  • Full numerical keypad
  • Turn two devices on/off
  • Assistive Technology for Independent Living

For many, the television is a valuable source of entertainment and companionship. However, if you have sight loss, dementia and even arthritis, it is easy to hit the wrong buttons or get confused and upset when operating a TV. An inclusive device, the BKR-33 will learn and replace any existing controller. It is much easier to programme and operate enabling the person to access and, control the TV’s key features independently.

The new amplicomms brightly coloured BKR-33 controller has simplified operating the television with a big-buttoned remote, able to switch on/off two devices simultaneously removing the need for multiple controllers. It will even work with a Stereo system, radio or Set Top boxes. Its unique bright backlit makes it easy to see the buttons, even in a dark room or low light.

Amplicomms have taken the TV controller back to the days of analogue, with basic buttons for up/down volume and channels plus two memory buttons to skip quickly to favourite stored channels.

amplicomms – promoting accessibility and independent living

Available for £12.99 at www.hearingdirect.com or by calling 0800 032 1301.