Sense RGB 2-col reverseNational deafblind charity Sense today warned that many older and disabled people will miss out on services they desperately need following the Government’s publication of a consultation on who is eligible for social care from 2015 under the new Care Act.

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive at Sense, said: “The Care Act is an incredible opportunity for politicians to finally get social care right in the UK. However under the regulations released today the threshold for people to become eligible for social care is set far too high. As a result, many older and disabled people will miss out on the services they desperately need for day-to-day life. It is also vital that the Government releases enough funds for local authorities to provide the right level of support for what is currently a chronically underfunded system. Otherwise the Care Act will be built on sand.

“Inadequate social care has a knock on effect and results in further demands on the NHS. For example, the deafblind people we support can become more susceptible to falls or require hospital treatment because they didn’t get the support they needed from social care.

“Sense will be responding to the consultation and aiming to ensure that the steps forward made in the Act are not lost.”