The National Theatre (NT) and their Partner for Innovation, Accenture, have created smart caption glasses in a bid to transform the theatre experience for the Deaf community.

The smart glasses, that have been described as looking similar to Google Glass, use Open Access Smart Capture technology and display a synchronised transcript of dialogue and sound from the production directly onto the lenses of the glasses, giving service users the freedom to experience performances how and when they want to.

This incredible technology has been in the making for over a year, the NT worked with speech and language experts led by Professor Andrew Lambourne to develop the Open Access Capture technology and they have been continually tested with people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The Deaf community will no longer struggle to view captions at any of the National Theatre’s three locations as they can book the smart caption glasses in advance of the performances.

They are currently bookable for Hadestown and War Horse and from later this month for all shows in the new season. For more information, visit

Read more about smart glasses here.

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