IJADOn March 8th 2013 at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London,  IJAD Dance Company reveal over 100 secrets donated by the public from around the U.K in a multi-platform dance performance fully integrated with social media, streamed live over the internet (watch on UStream). This will radically change the way we think about the theatre experience.

Access in the arts is improving, but many venues are still hard to get around in, let alone get to. IJAD Dance Company is trancending this problem by hosting a performnace in a traditional arts venue with a live audience – but also broadcasting it live over UStream with six cameras for a truely closer than front row experience. Not only this, but everyone is being asked to turn on their phones and tweet, instragam, share and interpret the peformance live over social media. We are creating and connecting a global audience and changing the way we think of theatre.

IJAD Dance Company, with 13 years experience of integrating new technology into performance. The theme of In-Finite is secrets and the performance is comprised of over 100 donated by people from around the world.. (give yours @shhh2013). Twitter and Facebook are used as part of the creative interpretive process (think of a camera – turn on the flash and you are using technology in an interpretive manner as part of creativity). Rehearsals are being streamed over the internet and public screenings are being set up in other countries. A promenade performance work is being created where audiences are asked to turn on their mobile phones and photograph, tweet and share what they see. Conversations can happen – not in the theatre bar with a few people – but around the world with everyone.

During the performance audiences will encounter a myriad of dance styles filled with emotions, surprises and excitement ranging from quirky and sad to curious and fun as we explore the realm of secrets as donated by people just like you.

This invitation to experiment is to everyone. Watch and interact in new ways. You can start right now by telling us a secret with #shhh2013. You may very well see it in the form of dance on March 8th.