PlayStation 4 owners have spent the weekend basking in the glory of Insomniac Games’ latest release, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and gamers have taken time out from web slinging their way through New York to praise the game for its accessibility options.

Released worldwide on Friday, Spider-Man is following in the footsteps of both Uncharted and the upcoming Tomb Raider by allowing users to make its gameplay as accessible as possible.

From the opening menu, Spider-Man will allow you to make changes to both the game’s HUD (heads up display – aka the health bar, map and so on that constantly sit around the edges of the screen), subtitles, and even the gameplay.

For gamers who struggle to complete QTEs (quick time events, also known as mashing buttons during cutscenes to stop you going to the toilet or grabbing a snack), Spider-Man will allow you to enable an auto-complete mode, which has the game complete them for you. For those who may not have the dexterity to continuously and quickly tap a button, the option to change button taps to holds is also available. There’s also the option to auto-complete the game’s puzzles.

Options to adjust the on-screen environment can also be made, including adding a background to the HUD, disabling parallaxing – which holds the HUD in place on screen – and allowing the user to turn on both big subtitles and subtitle backgrounds, making it easier to read Spider-Man’s quips.

Aside from its accessibility options, Spider-Man has garnered significant critical praise, with many calling it the best superhero game ever made. If you’re thinking of picking it up, you can grab it on PSN for £54.99.

Image: Marvel/Insomniac Games

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