Smirthwaite discuss the importance of sleep. 

Sleeping – why is it so important?
Simply, to rest and to recuperate. Getting a good night’s sleep influences psychological wellbeing and also an individuals’ sleep patterns will affect the entire family.

Integrated approach
A 24-hour postural management programme is essential to ensuring someone’s posture is maintained at its optimum level. As market leaders in providing daytime posture management equipment, we can now offer children and adults equipment that will support them during the night.

Smirthwaite recognises the importance of sleep and aims to build a child’s or adult’s confidence and independence during the day and the night.

How does it work?
Our customisable sleep systems allow you to tailor the system to the individual’s needs. In a recent Simba mattress review, it’s mentioned that by utilising the hook & loop mattress sheet, you can then build the system using a myriad of cushioned components (many of these also use hook & loop). The system caters for most conditions, from mild to complex, as well as all age ranges. To get the most from your Snooooooze system, we strongly recommend an assessment from one of our expert Product Advisors, in consultation with a therapist.

User-friendly materials
Each component of the Snooooooze sleep system is covered in Dartex – a breathable healthcare material, which we also use for our Juni chairs. The components are filled with crumbed visco-elastic foam, providing a comfortable, tactile feel. All components are rated at ‘Crib 5’ fire resistance and the removable covers are washable at 95°C for infection control purposes.

Flexible Snooooooze
This flexible sleep system is designed for children and adults. It is lightweight, highly portable and highly adjustable to cater for the growth and the needs of the individual.

Support in 3 lying positions
The Snooooooze system supports the individual’s in supine (on their back), side and semi-prone lying positions.  This key feature enables us to accommodate and correctly position posture overnight, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort.

Supine lying
To ensure correct positioning both during the day and night, we stabilise the pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation of good posture, and is therefore the first area we evaluate when conducting an assessment. Using a component like the W Leg Trough, we aim to draw the legs into mid-line.

Side lying
The Body roll has heralded a new stage in side lying, and can help achieve an excellent trunk and leg position for both left and right side lying. It is most effective for when the trunk has shortening sides and the legs are windswept. Alignment of the legs is achieved with the Snooooooze Pillow between the individual’s legs. The final key of achieving a good posture is to support and position the head.

Semi prone lying
Evolved from our work in side lying, semi prone lying is best achieved through use of our Body roll. This very ‘cuddly’ roll effectively supports the individual’s head and knees at the same time. The key benefit of the Snooooooze sleep system is that it’s extremely customisable, so that the individual can sleep in a position that is suitable for his or her needs.

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