Muggi is an innovative product that enables hot drinks to be safely carried in any environment.

This unique tray enables up to four mugs to be carried safely in one hand, leaving the other hand free for support, boosting its health and safety credentials. It securely holds most shapes and sizes of mugs, cups and glasses and will catch any unwanted spillages; it also has four non-slip rubber feet which allows it to rest safely on uneven surfaces. Finger and thumb holds make it easy to carry, for both the young and elderly hand.

Made from lightweight but super tough Polypropylene, the Muggi comes in blue, grey, red , purple, green and now, black recycled material. Available to buy for singular use or in bulk orders. You can also customised your Muggi with a company’s logo and can also be produced in a bespoke company colour.

David Trotter of Muggi said:

“The original Muggi was designed to combat breakages and spillages on-board boats and yachts, however it soon became clear to me that it provided a safe way of carrying hot drinks in just about any environment.”

An increasing number of disabled people and wheelchair users, care workers and their patients find the Muggi invaluable to their daily lives. Even visually impaired people are discovering the huge benefits a Muggi can bring.

Muggi is unique but it is not a new invention, it takes a fresh look at  a solution to the age old problem of safe hot or cold drink transportation, inside or outdoors by expanding on a number of mediocre existing solutions. Muggi adds more features and benefits and as a result creates a better, longer lasting, reusable solution. Muggi reduces waste, is more stable and makes people smile. Now guaranteed for 88 years!

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