NAO robotNaidex National, the UK’s largest event focused on disability, homecare and rehabilitation, takes place in just under two weeks and is once again the launch pad for many new gadgets and aids aimed at the independent living sector. From transport and mobility, to home and robotic aids, the team behind this year’s event present their selection of the most exciting gadgets in show at Naidex National below.

Fiona Davies, event director for Naidex National (organised by i2i Events Group), said: “It’s extremely hard to pick just ten products from all the new innovations on show at Naidex National. In the end we have focused on those that we think will have a significant impact on the lives of their users. But there’s no need to take our word for it, Naidex National gives all visitors the chance to test out these products and many more. It’s also free, so we would encourage anyone who still hasn’t got their ticket to sign up now.”


Top Daily Living Aids

Jaco objectsThe JACO Robotic Arm is featured by RBF Healthcare (stand C115) and is an assistive robotic device for upper body disabled individuals using powered wheelchairs. The arm has a multifunctional hand that can help individuals with multiple daily tasks with finesse, precision and skill.


Opening pill blister packs is made easier with the new Medi-Popper (stand B162). Designed for people who struggle with mobility in their fingers, whether afflicted with arthritis, Parkinson’s or other hand and finger problems. The Medi-popper will be on special offer at Naidex for £10 (RRP £12.49) plus £3.50 P&P.

Top Transport and Mobility at Naidex National

RollerScoot (Stand A40)

RollerScoot (Stand A40)

RollerScoot (stand A40) is the world’s first stand-up/sit down 360 degree turn powered mobility vehicle. Advanced features such as a removable Lithium-ion battery pack, aluminium frame and a joystick (controlling 2 motors!) make the RollerScoot the lightest, most maneuverable personal mobility vehicle in the world. It can even be separated into 3 pieces, or folded up and wheeled like a suitcase. The RollerScoot will be available at Naidex for the special launch price of £1995 (a discount of £500).

Invacare’s (stand B130) exciting, new, Power Chair Seating system will be showcased at Naidex. Cleverly combining improved clinical positioning with ease of adjustment, the new system will add benefits to a number of the Invacare power chair range including Spectra XTR2, TDX SP2 and the Kite.


Minimo collapsible scooter from TGA Mobility (Stand B50)

Minimo collapsible scooter from Amigo TravelMate


The new Minimo collapsible scooter from TGA Mobility (stand B50) folds and fits into the boot of a car and requires no parts to be dismantled for stowage, and weighs just 24kg (53lbs). This revolutionary and straightforward folding mechanism is simply activated by a one-handed operation that requires the minimum of effort and is completed in seconds. It has a top speed of 6km (4mph) and an impressive range of up 20km (12 miles) with a 270w motor and a 45ah S-Drive controller. At Naidex, the Minimo will be available with £200 off the RRP or a free lithium battery upgrade.



Innohome Stove Alarm and Stove Guard Systems (Stand D21)

Innohome Stove Alarm and Stove Guard Systems (Stand D21)

The unique Innohome Stove Alarm and Stove Guard Systems (stand D21) are designed to help prevent cooker top related fires by switching the cooker supply off if a fire is detected. In addition, the Stove Guard will pick up the audible alarm from other nearby detectors turn the cooker supply off. This award winning Finnish designed product is already popular in Scandinavia and is being fitted as part of the building standard requirement in new build homes in Norway. It will be available at a retail price of around £300 plus delivery.

BAM Labs’ Touch-free Life Care System from BES Healthcare (stand A18) helps monitor individuals via a sensor mat placed under any bed mattress – it continuously detects heart and breathing rate, motion, presence and continuously transmits data to a cloud-based platform. Caregivers receive health data and alerts on their PC or mobile devices, thus providing remote monitoring. It is an effective tool to help reduce falls and pressure ulcers.

iPad control of doors and windows is offered by Broadband Security Centre (stand E45) via wire free devices and a panel. The apps operate lights, heating and curtains at the touch of the iPad at home or from anywhere.

Children’s Equipment

NAO robot from Optimusic (Stand TW8)

NAO robot from Optimusic (Stand TW8)

The humanoid NAO robot from Optimusic (stand TW8) consists of 25 joints that make walking and general motion control possible. Diverse interactions are possible through wireless network enabled communication, cameras, infrared sensors, microphone, speakers and LEDs. In other words, it can walk, talk, look and listen.

NAO can make the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) better by helping them achieve more autonomy. NAO is a fully interactive, versatile, fun, and permanently evolving humanoid robot able to run educational, entertaining, and daily life assistance applications (RRP tbc).

The new addition to the audiovisual equipment range from Osborne Technologies Ltd (stand E110) is the SensoryPod. Inside the SensoryPod, you can recreate any scene or experience and bring it to life. For example space shuttles launch, a trip through the solar system, or take pupils back to a scene from the blitz.

SensoryPod (Stand E110)

SensoryPod (Stand E110)

It is enhanced with immersive lighting, dynamic sounds, scents and other special effects that makes learning and teaching much more energetic than any other piece of educational apparatus. SensoryPod is the ultimate controllable classroom for indoor or outdoor location. Prices range from £60,000 to £70,000 depending on the level of technology and equipment required.

Naidex National is free to attend and is open to members of the public affected by disability, healthcare workers and businesses working in this sector – register for free tickets with priority code EPOS here