wewo-newDo I search for accessibility? Wheelchair? Inclusive tourism? Or even the acceptable American term  ‘handicap’? Google is not a great way to search for information about wheelchair accessible holidays – the top results are held by large companies and then smaller pieces of information fight for space with myriad wheelchair sellers!

10 years ago there were hardly any resources for wheelchair travellers. You had to either ask someone you knew who had already visited the destination in a wheelchair, or just turn up and hope for the best!

Nowadays, with the advent of the internet and a much greater focus on the disabled traveller, means the ministries of tourism now publish specific advice for disabled travellers. Examples include the step free access tube guide or the visitScotland accessible tourism website pages. The future is much brighter for the wheelchair traveller but now there is a new challenge… finding all of the resources!

Have you got the right mobile applications? Have you checked all of the relevant blogs? Have you found the right pages on the visitor information website?

There are a growing number of mobile apps that use local knowledge and experience to review the accessibility of different venues. Excellent news for the wheelchair user… except that there are a myriad different ones and you might not be aware of the one that you need for your destination.

This is where wheelchairworld.org steps in! Wheelchairworld.org is a fantastic resource for all wheelchair travellers, featuring holidays, travel reviews and resources for and  by wheelchair users.

There are loads of excellent reviews and resources out there for wheelchair users, produced by and used by other wheelchair users. In addition to giving individuals a space to share their experiences, Wheelchair World provides links to other great wheelchair users sites, useful information and service providers!

Wheelchair World reviews the complete travel experience: where you stayed, room adaptations, how you travelled, places you visited and what you liked, loved or hated!

There are already thousands of links to reviews and resources from and for wheelchair travellers and every day new content is found and added to wheelchairworld.org. Information such as local community beach wheelchairs, accessible city sights, accessible accommodation, places that offer respite care, care assisted vacations, apps that detail local knowledge is all housed on wheelchairworld.org. The content is organised by country and destination. Wheelchairworld.org makes wheelchair traveling so much easier and makes useful information so much simpler to find!

If you would like to add content to wheelchairworld.org, you can get in touch by emailing contactus@wheelchairworld.org.