A care home resident from Glasgow has revealed her simple secrets for reaching her 101st birthday – a good breakfast and plenty of sleep.

Barbara Sikora, who celebrated her milestone birthday at Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home where she has lived since 2009, attributes her good health to porridge, the traditional Scottish breakfast cereal and getting a minimum of eight hours sleep a night.

Born in 1916 in St. George’s Cross in Glasgow, Barbara worked hard as a cash clerk during the Second World War, which she juggled alongside looking after her home.

Barbara says that the highlight of her life was the day she was swept off her feet at a local dance by her husband Jan, a lieutenant in the Polish army. Smitten, Jan left the army and moved to Glasgow to be with her and the couple married soon afterwards.

As well as swearing by a bowl of Scott’s Porage Oats every morning and getting plenty of sleep at night, Barbara also recommends working hard, but still ensuring plenty of time to enjoy oneself.

A spokesperson from Scott’s Porage Oats said: “We would like to wish Barbara a very happy 101st birthday. Reaching this age is an incredible achievement.”

Along with her tips for a long life, Barbara also passed on advice for the younger generation – always work hard but ensure you make time to enjoy yourself.

The Currie Street Care Home held a birthday party for the oat-loving centenarian which was attended by friends, residents and staff.

Karen Watson, Home Manager at Wyndford Locks said: “Barbara has never missed her daily bowl of porridge in the morning and even asked for it on her birthday.

“She also always encourages the care home staff to join her in the habit of having a daily helping, which many of us have now taken up, as she’s clearly on to something!

“Turning 101 is such an incredible accomplishment. We’re all so proud of Barbara and everyone had a fantastic time celebrating with her on her big day.”