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Spring Budget 2017: Another Budget, Another Cut

As the Chancellor Phillip Hammond prepared to announce his budget, people with disabilities up and down the country nervously awaited the bad news they have sadly become oh so used to. For many, it seemed that the hopes that their rights would be protected were slim – and they weren’t wrong. Hammond claimed he was prepared to do whatever it ... Read More »

Stop Saying ‘The Disabled’

This last week has brought to my attention that there are many journalists currently reporting on the Budget and the ‘u-turn’ on the cuts to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and while many of them are articulate enough to use the correct language when talking about disabled people – I am sad to say that many are not. I have ... Read More »

Response from Contact a Family to government confirmation it is abandoning cuts to PIP

Contact a Family responds to government confirmation it is abandoning cuts to Personal Independence Payment (PIP).   Yesterday the new Minister for Works and Pensions Stephen Crabb, confirmed that the government no longer plans to go ahead with changes to the Personal Independence Payment aids and appliances rules announced in the run-up to last week’s budget. This proposal would adversely ... Read More »

Response to the government’s budget from Contact a Family

Response to the government’s budget from Contact a Family, announced yesterday.    Una Summerson, head of policy at Contact a Family says: “There is little in today’s budget that will ease the financial pressures on low income families with a disabled child – many of whom will face significant cuts in income as Universal Credit is rolled out nationally. While ... Read More »

Sense responds to the government’s decision to reform the way eligibility for PIP is assessed

Government announces additional cuts of 1.2billion for disabled people on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) National deafblind charity Sense has responded to the government announcement that it will push forward with plans to change the eligibility criteria for people applying to receive the Personal Independence Payment. Under the proposed changes, people who qualify for the benefit due to their use ... Read More »

Disability benefit delays criticised

Delays in paying the new disability benefit are leaving many people without enough money to afford essential living costs, according to a report. Citizens Advice Scotland said people are waiting an average of six months between claiming the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and receiving the payment. This can have a knock-on effect on other benefit claims, it said. PIP ... Read More »

Personal independence payments are a punishment of the poor and ill

She calls it: “Heartbreaking, truly astonishing, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Emma Cross is a senior Macmillan Cancer Support benefits adviser, and she says delays in Iain Duncan Smith’s new personal independence payments (PIP) leave the sick utterly destitute. “Does anyone know how many people are struggling?” Read More »

Consultation on the PIP Moving around criteria : Briefing by sick & disabled people

Executive summary The Government has published a fresh consultation on the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) between 2013 and 2018. The consultation asks a single question: “What are your views on the “Moving around” activity within the current PIP assessment criteria?”. The email address for responses is Read More »

Benefit changes: Who will be affected?

Hundreds of thousands of households across the UK will be affected by changes to benefits from April – part of government plans for the biggest shake-up of the welfare system for decades.  Ministers argue the changes are necessary to tackle the rising cost to the taxpayer and cut the budget deficit. Read More »

Blue badge disabled parking to be extended in Wales

The blue badge parking scheme for disabled people is being extended to those with conditions such as autism, the Welsh government has announced.  The badges will now be offered to those with ‘severe cognitive impairments’.  They will also be automatically available for those on the Read More »

Investigate ‘misleading’ Atos bid for disability tests contract, urges Labour

Claims that the private IT firm Atos made misleading statements about proposed co-operation with disability groups to help secure a £400m contract to perform disability assessments must be immediately investigated, Labour and several disability charities have demanded. Read More »