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Charity Different Strokes 20th Year Campaign

Megan Giglia paracyclist for team GB and stroke survivor supports Different Strokes charity’s 20th year campaign. Celebrating 20 years of empowering younger stroke survivors.  2016 marks the charity’s 20th year and they will be celebrating this milestone by launching the campaign, ‘Around The World In 8 Ways’. Everyone can get involved raising awareness of younger stroke and raising vital funds for ... Read More »

Just Keep Running!

With summer hesitant on the horizon, the time for epic charity runs and marathons is close at hand. Now is the time that most ardent jogging veterans begin their arduous training for such events. However, these fun run enthusiasts can expect many newcomers, as runs have grown exponentially in popularity for the last decade. One newcomer is Grant Halliday from ... Read More »

Stroke rising among young people

A Stroke Association study has shown a rise in the number of men and women of working age admitted to hospital due to a stroke. Unhealthy lifestyles, a growing population and different hospital practices have been cited as playing a part. The charity has confirmed however that the overall stroke rate has decreased in the UK. Read more at BBC News Read More »

Stroke campaign ‘saved 4,000 from serious disability’

A campaign to publicise stroke symptoms saved 4,000 people from long-term disabilities, according to Public Health England. The Act Fast campaign highlighted the fact that problems with speech and weakness in the face and arms should prompt a call to 999. But PHE says 10,000 more strokes could be prevented each year if mini-strokes were spotted and treated in time. ... Read More »

Brain stimulation ‘helps in stroke’

Stimulating the part of the brain which controls movement may improve recovery after a stroke, research suggests. Studies showed firing beams of light into the brains of mice led to the animals moving further and faster than those without the therapy. The research, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, could help explain how the brain recovers and lead ... Read More »

‘Stem cells show promise in stroke recovery’

Infusing stem cells into the brain may help boost recovery after a stroke, according to a pilot study by Imperial College London. Scientists believe the cells encourage new blood vessels to grow in damaged areas of the brain. They found most patients were able to walk and look after themselves independently by the end of the trial, despite having suffered ... Read More »

‘Robot revolution’ in stroke care promised

Intensive physiotherapy is the traditional way to treat the 110,000 people who have a stroke in the UK every year. That’s what Anne Hopwood is doing as she slowly moves her right arm back and forth across a table, guided gently by her physio. She lost movement on the right side of her body when she fell ill last November. ... Read More »

Leg wraps raise hopes of saved lives after strokes

Cheap inflatable leg wraps may save the lives of patients after a stroke, according to research in Scotland.  The devices regularly squeeze the legs to keep blood flowing and prevent formation of fatal blood clots.  A trial with 2,876 patients, published in the Lancet, showed there were fewer clots with the wraps.  The Stroke Association said the results were “extremely encouraging” ... Read More »

Three Tips For New Carers

Every day across the UK people give up their time for free to help care for elderly relatives or friends. They don’t do it for money or adulation, which is a good job because they tend not to get either. In fact it’s estimated that the amount of care given by unpaid friends and families adds up to £326 million ... Read More »

Doctors tell boy, 15, he had a migraine after rugby tackle – but he was actually suffering a paralyzing stroke which nearly killed him

A teenage sports fan has been left recovering from a paralyzing major stroke which doctors mistakenly diagnosed as a migraine.   James Finnerty, 15, from Parma Heights, Ohio, who plays both rugby and football, woke up suffering with a severe headache last April and immediately began vomiting. Read More »