#AccessDay 2017 is officially underway, starting today until 12 March. 

Disabled Access Day is a day for all to celebrate good access and create opportunities for people to try something new. The day highlights the fantastic access that already exists in places, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences, level access and of course a warm welcome! Many businesses, companies and tourist attractions recognise the need to make venues accessible for disabled customers – and Disabled Access Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase that. Venues throughout the UK are celebrating accessibility and welcoming you through their doors. Find out where to visit near you at www.disabledaccessday.com/whats-on/.

PosAbility magazine would love to hear from you! How are you taking part in Disabled Access Day? Are you going somewhere new? Does your business want to showcase your fabulous Access Day events. Tell us about your experiences, send photos and we will share them!

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I know not every venue in the UK will be hitting the mark in terms of accessibility, but Access Day is all about celebrating those that do!

Keep up with all the action following #AccessDay.

By Sophie Scott

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