spoons (2)A Scottish design team is currently seeking funding for the production of a new spoon, which they hope will transform meal times for people with shaky hands.

The S-up Spoon was developed by Glasgow-based consultancy 4c Design with the help of Grant Douglas who has cerebral palsy. The spoon head has a deeper cavity to hold contents more securely and reduce spillage. The sleek contours and matte black finishing ensure this product is in no way singled out as an assistive device; it is, perhaps, simply a new perspective on the traditional spoon.

“Eating in a restaurant would just be unthinkable before,” said Grant. “This is a major breakthrough. I can eat Chinese with two portions of rice as well as ice-cream totally independently and with very little spillage. It could increase the independence and choice of many people who have unwanted hand or arm movements, including myself.”

The S’up Spoon team hope others living with cerebral palsy, essential tremor, Parkinson’s and other conditions that affects a person’s movement and coordination will reap the benefits of the spoon if it is taken into production.

Grant_eating2 (2)The S’up Spoon started at 4c as an intern project for Mark Penver5, who was soon began work at the company full-time as his project gained traction. “Grant gave us a lot of direction working on the spoon,” says Mark. “It was important to balance the function with long-term durability and inclusivity. We wanted to create a product that allowed Grant to expand his diet, both at home and when eating out with friends.”

Now, the S’up Spoon team are attempting to raise funds through the online platform Kickstarter6 to take the spoon into mass production. If the project receives enough support through people pledging to buy the spoon the investment will be funded.

If the project is successfully funded within the 30-day period 4c intend to be distributing the first batch of online orders before Christmas 2014. To donate to the project please the S’up Spoon Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/1qUrMIH.