It is not always clear when someone is in need of a seat. Chronic pain, injury, illness or disability often mea travelling on public transport can be difficult without a seat.

Having to ask for a seat is a barrier and most of the time people would rather suffer in silence.

The ‘Ask for my seat’ badge was created by Antiblanks who are based in London. London (like most cities) is very difficult to navigate without using some form of public transport. The average time spent by mployees on public transport is two hours per day; plenty of time to be creative. It was on one employee’s journey that it all started…

The ‘Baby on board’ badge was what prompted the idea; It’s great and it helps pregnant ladies but why isn’t there a badge for other people who are less able? We asked about and found that some people are embarrassed to promote disability or feel like they are being unfair wearing a badge if their disability is not obvious.

We thought; what if we could take this pressure off the person in need? What if we flipped the idea on its head and made a badge which is worn by the giver and not the receiver? By doing it this way the person less able is not forced to gauge whether they are ‘disabled enough’ to deserve a seat but merely know that if they want to ask, they can. It was at this moment that the ‘Ask for my seat’ badge was born.

The ‘Ask for my seat’ badge is something anyone can wear when they travel. It’s a statement about who you are and it leaves a warm feeling every time you are asked to give up your seat.

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