Across the globe thousands of iconic landmarks and buildings join the hundreds of thousands of homes and communities around the world to “light it blue” in support of people living with autism. In celebration of this week Autism East Midlands have created an additional range of Autism-friendly events and educational activities that have taken place all week, and will continue all month to increase understanding and acceptance and further support people with autism across the East Midlands.

Rolls-Royce Derby received staff training last year as part of the Autism Alliance ‘Connect to Autism’ initiative which was delivered by Autism East Midlands, there continued support of the charity is showcased this week as each day two of their Derby sites have been lit blue in support of Autism Awareness Week 2017.

Rolls-Royce have proudly lit two of their Derby sites this week blue Atlantic House (top left) and Moor Lane (right) Atlantic House (bottom)

Official World Autism Awareness Day was yesterday 2 April 2017 and Autism Awareness Month continues throughout April. Autism East Midlands have invited local companies and organizations to show their support for Autism East Midlands and Autism Awareness Week by lighting it up blue, its not too late to show your support!

For any further information about Autism Awareness Week please visit our website