sense largeNational deafblind charity welcomes Government focus on increasing life chances for most disadvantaged but raises concerns over lack of plans focused on disabled people.

National deafblind charity, Sense has today [18 May] raised concerns at the Government’s lack of focus on breaking down barriers and building opportunities for disabled people within the Queen’s Speech.

The charity welcomes the Government’s plans to tackle poverty by introducing new indicators to measure life chances for the most disadvantaged, but expressed its disappointment at the absence of clear proposals that build on its promises to level the playing field for people with disabilities and halve the disability employment gap.

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive for deafblind charity Sense, said:

“Although it is positive news that the Government is still focused on its ambitious plans to prevent deprivation by increasing life chances for the most disadvantaged people in the country, it is disappointing that no mention was made of a clear plan to build opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Government made an admirable manifesto pledge to halve the disability employment gap by 2030, but the reality is that there are still a huge number of barriers that prevent many people with disabilities from securing meaningful employment, such as negative employer attitudes, inaccessible transport and inadequate work support programmes.

At Sense, we had hoped the Queen’s Speech would cement a focused approach from the Government on increasing life chances for people with disabilities and complex needs.

Over the coming months, we look forward to working with the Government to help them realise their aspirations by developing a constructive approach that enables disabled people to play a more active role in society by dismantling the barriers they face at every stage of life.”