Have you ever wondered what sound feels like? Or what music looks like? Returning to Southbank Centre, Soundpit is an accessible, sensory experience perfect for kids big and small. Explore sound, vision and touch in beautifully illuminated giant sandpits. Create music and sound with your own movement and become the composer of your very own masterpieces. Created by artist Di Mainstone, Soundpit is an immersive, exploratory space.

Mainstone was inspired by the condition synesthesia, a condition where the brain mixes up the senses. This could result in people who live with synesthesia associating specific numbers with colours, or colours with tastes. She told the Southbank Centre: “I was curious about the phenomena of synaesthesia, which is when a sensation in one of the senses triggers a sensation in another. I wanted to see if we could create a musical machine that would allow people to see and touch sound as well as hear it. Sand seemed to be the perfect tactile interface.

“Soundpit is an immersive experience, where the audience get the chance to create sounds and visuals by playing with sand. Soundpit is about the convergence of three of the senses – sound, vision and touch, exploring the effect this sensorial mix has on our thoughts, mood, creativity and well being.”

Soundpit opens on Saturday 23 November and is open on weekends and during school holidays until Sunday 23 February. The installation is closed throughout January and has limited opening hours over Christmas.

There are seven 45-minute sessions each day that Soundpit is open. Sessions run hourly from 10.15am until 4.15pm.

While you’re here, visit Southbank Centre’s twinkling Winter Market, open until Sunday 5 January. The Market is full of treats from around the world, including Asian, Greek, and Indian cuisine, as well as the wonderful traditional fare you’d expect from a German Christmas market.

Please note, all spaces at Southbank Centre are wheelchair accessible. Find out more here.

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