CapturedoaYou may remember the Feb/Mar super-issue of PosAbility Magazine, with our cover exclusively designed by Dan White, creator of the Department of Ability – a group of amazing superhero characters whose powers all come from their disabilities.


Inspired by his wonderful nine-year-old daughter, Emily, who was born with spina-bifida, Dan and Emily struggled to find literature and entertainment for children that portrayed people with disabilities in a positive way. Dan decided to take matters into his own hands and from there the Department of Ability was born.

Dan has worked tirelessly to promote Department of Ability throughout the UK to ensure as many children as possible are aware of it. Department of Ability have gained immense support through Dan’s promotion of the graphic novel that he now plans to take it mainstream.

Department of Ability will be launching later this year, with 26 June now being the official launch party of Dan’s publisher deal. Find out more about the incredible Department of Ability at