av3Accessible Vehicles (a division of Lateral Design Ltd) are based in Southport Merseyside and offer a combe and the Fiat Dolbo Infront.

The New Vauxhall Combo Colorado

The Vauxhall Combo Colorado is the first new Vauxhall wheelchair access vehicle to become available for many years. With seating for 6 people including a wheelchair user and a wide wheelchair channel, the Combo is the ideal choice for families or those who wish to take several helpers along.

Other great features include the original split, tip and fold middle row seating with isofix and an unmodified fuel tank, both of which are usually swapped out for modified items on other conversions. This combined with high quality engineering on the fully type approved conversion makes for a very practical and well put together package.

Driving the Combo is a surprisingly car like experience. This is in no small part due to the fact that Vauxhall have used a car chassis with sophisticated bi-link rear suspension, allowing maximum comfort for the wheelchair user. Other vehicles in the Combo’s class do not offer this set-up.

Powered by a frugal but torquey 1.3 turbo diesel engine the Combo also offers fantastic fuel economy, with a manufacturer quoted 57mpg.

Vauxhall are keen to promote their brand in the wheelchair accessible vehicle sector and as such the Combo Colorado is being launched with a very competitive price, both on the Motability scheme and for private buyers.

av2The Infront Fiat Doblo

The Infront Doblo has been on the market since 2010 and is now well established in the WAV market. On the Infront Doblo’s 6th birthday, the concept still proves to be a popular choice for those wo wish to travel upfront, both on the Motability scheme and for Private customers.

The Infront conversion has been designed to work within most disabled parking bays, next to kerbs where clearance permits and if travelling with luggage or equipment there is no need to empty out the luggage area in order for the wheelchair user to exit the vehicle. The covered, separate boot also solves the issue of hiding away personal items and valuable equipment out if sight, which can often be a problem with a rear access vehicle.

Getting into the Infront is simplicity itself. Just pull back the sliding door and push a button to release the front passenger door, which is linked to the swivelling platform. The short ramp can then be pulled out manually or deployed with the push of a button for those who do not wish to bend. The front wheelchair restraints attach to the wheelchair before entering and once you are in the desired position the ramp is stowed and the door can be closed.

Closing the front door means the wheelchair platforms swivels with the passenger door and the use of small bearings under the floor ensures the platforms easily glides in and out, even with the weight of a powered wheelchair and occupant in situ.

To give the passenger even more space, modifications have been carried out in the vehicle’s dashboard and overhead parcel shelf. Bespoke adjustments can be made for the individual if required.

For further information, please call 01704 12437 or visit www.accessiblevehicles.co.uk.