Simon Armstrong photo 3Simon Armstrong, 44, is raising £15,000 for the charity Sense that supports deafblind children and adults. He will be taking on a series of gruelling sports challenges that involve swimming, climbing and trekking to reach his fundraising target by the end of 2014.

Simon, who runs Saltus Investment Managers, was inspired to raise money for Sense as he sits on the board of trustees and the charity’s finance committee: “I get to see first-hand how every penny raised gets so wisely and thoughtfully spent and that’s what gave me the impetus to raise money myself.”

Simon took on his first challenge in July when he did the ‘black ink’ swim, swimming 2.2km upstream in the River Thames in the middle of the night. He chose to swim in total darkness, without being able to see, to raise awareness of the challenges deafblind people face.

The investment manager will also be climbing all four peaks in the Lake District over 3,000 feet in September. Then he’ll be swimming 1500m in the English Channel and finally he will be trekking 100km over six days in Cuba in November.

Simon has managed to raise £7,000 so far and he says it’s all down to his family, friends and colleagues being shocked into sponsoring him by the absurdity of his endeavours. “I get to see the amazing work that all our staff at Sense do. They really are unsung heroes. I also see how much more we could do for the deafblind community if we had more resources.”

Simon Armstrong is aiming to raise £15,000 for Sense. To sponsor him, please visit: